I help adoptees and families navigate the complexities of adoption.


With dynamic training videos and unique discussion guides, you'll be equipped with tools to address realities and flourish within and beyond your adoption journey.

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Wherever you're located in the adoption journey, you're not alone and there's support ready just for you.

Adult Adoptees

Tools for Navigating Life Beyond Our Parents

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Teen Adoptees

Our Google Map for the Teen Years

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Adoptive Parents

10 Parenting Strategies to Help Adoptees Navigate Race & Culture

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Hi, I'm Cam, and I've been working to raise consciousness about faith, child welfare, and mental health since 2012, after meeting my biological mother in Korea. Now I serve as a licensed clinical counselor and use my passion and resources to help adoptees and families discover hope and practical mental health skills wherever they are in their stories.

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You might not have time to participate in a full season of therapy. Or, maybe therapist availabilities are limited right now and you’re interested in beginning more immediate work through some of your adoption-related concerns. It’s also possible you’re just curious and eager to learn more about how adoption shapes your life or the life of someone you love. Wherever you’re located in the conversation, this training series is designed to help you think through adoption from the perspective of a licensed clinical counselor and adult adoptee. In combination with the unique discussion guides, each film provides you with prompts for reflection, list of skills/tips to review and practice, and suggestions for next steps and additional resources.

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